Constructing a personal work from home training routine

Most people are familiar with developing a fitness routine by investing in a gym membership, acquiring a fitness coach or simply buying a great pair of trainers. Working from home brings new demands for staying productive and it challenges us to make use of a new level of autonomy.

This requires a new type of training that many seem unaccustomed to.

The pandemic reminded us of how quickly new realities emerge, and how durable some of those changes can turn out to be. People who work from home have demonstrated new levels of efficiency.

This work at home training doesn’t need to be done alone. In addition to self-service learning platforms, more people are showing up as coaches to improve on tacit skills such as leadership, creativity, storytelling, and personal work discipline.

If all our work is conducted on a computer, how should we build in breaks during the day? What type of breaks, for how long, and what type of body movements are helpful? When permission comes from the self, then the self must find the right balance of discipline. Getting the home to work is a day shift.

Design in context: Success will hinge on making the home work for work. It’s about the ability for each of us to build a new mental model and learn ways to maintain it.