The beginnings of the Dayshift

Once in a while, we share something that breaks all of our ideas about what is normal. We call this groundswell of change the Dayshift.

Starting from a moment when people forged new discoveries how to create, collaborate and produce work from a distance. Dayshift was created to reveal the shifts that happen with work over time. 


Dayshift began as a design research study into the social changes of employees and companies forced by a worldwide pandemic. We’ve been conducting in-depth interviews and research since 2020 and found that people have discovered something profound, a preferable future of work that feels incomplete because it’s based on a series of hacks so far. 

Our research lens, and the categories on Dayshift’s website represent the five factors of human centred design: Physical, Cognitive, Cultural, Emotional and Social human factors. I
t’s our goal to help guide companies, teams and individuals to make the most out of designing better productivity at home. 


Interested in crafting a more deliberate personal work culture?

Explore practical techniques and tools, including AI tools and real-world prototypes, with Dayshift. Reach out to us to learn how these strategies can enhance your productivity and refine your approach to work. Together, we can build a work environment that truly reflects your values and goals.





Dayshift was created by Jeremiah Tesolin and Michael Davis Burchat.

For more information about Dayshift, prototyping collaborations, or to book a Talk Party, please contact:

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