Using GenAI to prototype personal cultures

Could an AI assistant help build a dialogue about creating a personal culture, which suits the wide variety of needs and desires that people may have? This is part 1 of a series of prototypes. We heard through our Dayshift studies that people need personalised ways of working, particularly when work takes place from a… Continue reading Using GenAI to prototype personal cultures

Preparing the home for work

Any job whether new or old has familiar patterns to it. There’s a start and end time each day, a place to work, a mental connection with employment, colleagues to collaborate with and tools to conduct work with. The forced shift to bring all of that home is a massive convergence. The home, which has… Continue reading Preparing the home for work

Reimagining the creator economy

Knowledge work is largely about the creation of new products, new services and experiences. That is, new ways of supporting others in an endeavour. Particularly the parts of that work which can be done remotely. Regardless of where the making takes place, making requires a wide array of tools, methods and related supplies. From standing… Continue reading Reimagining the creator economy

Making the home work for work

Establishing a new deal about productivity. The idea of work has run past a stage in how we understand productivity and creativity. However, there is still no clarity about who will work where, for what periods of time, and according to which incentives. It’s estimated that 1.7 billion knowledge workers populate this market, so expect… Continue reading Making the home work for work