Getting Your Home to Work

Seventeen months is a long time. Long enough for one to make behavioural changes. And long enough to see the effects of a slow transformation. Like muscle gain from a training program or weight loss from a new way of cooking. The people we’ve studied experienced episodes of transition that lasted weeks and even months… Continue reading Getting Your Home to Work

The home workspace is an evolving experiment

During a period of time with restrictions in place, working from home became the dominant mode of work and people have needed to think about the fourth wall differently. The fourth wall being the space that separates a performer, or in this case worker, from an audience. People no longer relied on the features of… Continue reading The home workspace is an evolving experiment

Building our home office

Before the pandemic, the laptop was considered to be a portable office especially in an employed context. While the tools were in place to work remotely, the duty of the physical place lingered for some time. There was the office, and then there was remote work, but the default was always to return to the… Continue reading Building our home office